website redesign services

Has the number of visits to your website stagnated or gotten worse? One of the best ways besides adding SEO to your website is to do a redesign!

Hiring an agency for website redesign services is a great way to improve your online presence and attract new customers. It’s also a great way to insure that your site looks modern and user friendly.

At dragonfly digital, we specialize in website redesign services, anything from blogs to small business websites no matter the industry.

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Website Redesign Examples


Take a look at the drastic difference in the redesigned websites below. Not only did we make them look great, their number of visitors jumped substantially!

Top Reasons to Redesign Your Website


1. Your SERP rank will increase! Search engines look for relevant and up to date content. If your website has been neglected, the search engines will likewise neglect you.

2. Better User Experience – You don’t want your potential clients confused and frustrated before they even get to your offer. We use the best of UX design techniques to make sure your potential clients have a pleasing experience!

3. Adding Calls to Action – One of the most important pieces of any good website design is a Call to Action. Does your website have one? We’ll make sure yours is prominent, but not pushy!