Who are we?

We are a small team with a lot of skills. We use our expertise to help empower small businesses. We understand that hiring web designers and SEO specialists can not only be pricey and come with a lot confusing jargon, but often ends with disappointing results. We won’t confuse you, we’ll walk you through it. We won’t advise you, we’ll listen to you. We’ll make sure that you know exactly what you are paying for. We put your website in YOUR hands and we make your unique vision a reality. 

Michelle LaRose

Michelle has always loved everything to do with computers, even way back in 80’s when she took data processing. She has been involved in web design since the 90’s and has turned her love into her profession with Dragonfly Web Design.

Odessa Fleming

Odessa has been working in graphic design and UX/UI design since her graduation from the University of Texas in 2017. As Dragonfly Web Design’s creative designer, she makes sure that your website is intuitive and user friendly as well as beautifully designed and curated to your own unique style.

Let’s Get Together

We want to hear about your project and bring it to life!


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