SEO Coaching

Having a great looking website is a huge part of any digital marketing strategy, but if it performs poorly, you are denied valuable opportunities to reach new and existing clients. Why throw good money at a half baked solution? At dragonfly digital, as we do with your website maintenance, we empower our clients to gain control over this crucial part of their marketing strategy. Through one to one, completely customized sessions, we work alongside our clients and teach them how to do their own SEO.

What is an SEO Coach? Watch the video to find out how I can help you bring more qualified leads to your website or social media!

If you are an existing client, a new client, or a potential client who wants to learn SEO, give us a call, or schedule a consultation, so you can begin the to journey to dramatically increasing your website views, and getting you all those new clients!

Don’t have a website created by dragonfly digital, but you want to take charge of your own SEO? No problem! Contact The SEO Coach for one on one customized sessions!

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Content Creation

We will guide you through keyword research and content creation, focusing on the Money Pages that bring clients who want your services to your site!

Social Media

Each social media platform is different. We will help you decide which platform appeals to your specific audience and adjust your content accordingly.

Technical SEO

Our SEO experts will assist you in locating the coding necessary for sitemaps and tracking, so search engines can easily find your site. We will also guide you in creating Meta Titles and Descriptions that not only rank higher, but will convince potential clients to visit your site!


We will coach you in finding the right tools to scan your site for various issues or errors that affect crawlability or indexability. And, yes, we will train you too!

SEO Coaching FAQ

what seo coaching?

SEO Coaching is me working with you, teaching you to do your own SEO. I empower you by helping you to understand the whats, whys and hows of search engine optimization.

will you do my seo for me?


how many sessions will I need?

We recommend starting with 3 or 4 sessions. During these sessions, we’ll cover competitor research, site audits, keyword research, Google Business Profile, backlinks, easy to implement SEO strategies, and more!

what happens in a session?

All of our transactions are completely customized around your experience, business, and goals. We will discuss these in our initial consultation, and I’ll provide a clear roadmap to your SEO empowerment and success!

The key to our sessions is the hands-on training you receive. I use Zoom which has a robust screen share option. I will watch and guide you through every step.

What industries do you coach?

Simply put, if you have a website, I can coach you on implementing SEO. I can also coach you on your Google Business Profile, directory listings, and social media platforms.

If you have a local business, such as landscaping, roofing, plumbing, painting, etc, local SEO is crucial. I can coach you or someone on your staff on how to bring in more leads through SEO.

can you coach someone on my staff?

Absolutely! I understand what it’s like to be a business owner, and know that your time is a commodity. We can train either one person, or multiple staff members, so you can focus on the business of running your company.

There are multiple benefits to training your staff to do in house SEO.

  • One, they have a passion for and understand your company. Plus, they have access to you!
  • Two, is the considerable savings over hiring an SEO. Instead of paying thousands for someone to do a few hours of work each month, you are paying your staff.

SEO Coaching Certificates